SEGL900: Practicum in Cultural Inanities

Welcome to SEGL900! The objectives of this course are simple: analyze cultural inanities and then write about them. We shall examine a variety of subjects, including but not limited to:

1) The Arts
2) The Sciences

Questions to consider throughout this course:

1) Why am I here?
2) Why am I reading this?
3) What is that thing in the corner, and should I click on it?
4) Wait, now how do I get back to the other page?
5) Resend? No, Goddamnit!

Assignments will include a few short comments that I will likely ignore (I don’t have time to respond to student writing, what with all my publishing and committees and not wanting to).


Avis, M. Send in the Clowns: The Cultural Politics of Clown Education in the United States.
Booker, S. Retraction and Hybridization: Patriarchal Phallocracies and Political Polemics.
Derp, A. Essays on the Philosophy of Clumsiness.
Zimmazam, L. Hegel Joins the Cast of the Jersey Shore: Dialectical Processing and the Guido Metanarrative.

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