I Say, Does that Cloak Come in Steampunk?

According to the Institute of Physics, scientists have for the first time “cloaked a three-dimensional object standing in free space:”

“Whilst previous studies have either been theoretical in nature or limited to the cloaking of two-dimensional objects, this study shows how ordinary objects can be cloaked in their natural environment in all directions and from all of an observer’s positions.


Published today, 26 January, in the Institute of Physics and German Physical Society’s New Journal of Physics, the researchers used a method known as “plasmonic cloaking” to hide an 18-centimetre cylindrical tube from microwaves.”

After this, the next logical step can only come from the delightful defier of linear fashion, J. Peterman: introducing the Victorian Invisibility Cloak:

Weekends in the country with friends and wine; a cabin by the lake. Gatsby didn’t have it this good, you think to yourself, and rightly so. But what’s this?  The Yalies have invaded the adjacent camp!  Their shenanigans shall not stand.


And now there’s a way to bane those bantering Bulldogs without being seen: The Victorian Invisibility Cloak. Simply don the cloak and doff your cap to plasmonic metamaterials (Old Doc Witherspoon would be proud). With authentic ivory buttons and the finest brocade available (this side of free space, or even Milan) you’ll look stylish as you raid the camp of those earsplitting Elihus. Not that they’ll notice!  But when was the last time a Yalie appreciated fashion, anyhow?


The Victorian Invisibility Cloak, one size (men and women). $1,499

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