Boston is Retahded

Ah, Puritans…so much influence even after all these years. I have never been able to understand Boston’s relationship with alcohol; a large city where there’s no happy hour, the bars close at 2 am, and you can’t buy beer after 11 pm seems completely ridiculous. As a counterpoint, in Anchorage, Alaska, you can purchase liquor until 1 am, and the bars don’t close until 3 (during the week, no less). In fucking Alaska, for Christ’s sake! And Boston is still one of the drunkest cities in America. So clearly Boston’s fucked up blue laws are really working.

However, I did not realize how truly stupid this city can be until today. Apparently, despite a budget shortfall, the MBTA has succumbed to the pressure of a fucking high school anti-liquor youth coalition and decided that they’ll no longer advertise alcohol on the T. It will cost them $1.5 million in revenue.

Meanwhile, the MBTA is proposing a 35-43% fare increase, coupled with a reduction in service. While I realize that $1.5 million is a drop in the T’s debt-bucket, it seems like every little bit might help.

But yeah, MBTA, go ahead and take drinking and advertising advise from oxy-snorting douchebag millenial fucktwats. You suck anyway, so why bother changing?

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