It’s Time for Little Muffy and Chauncy to Get a Job

Well, it appears that rampant tuition inflation affects even the most outstandingly rich. According to the New York Times, some private elementary and secondary schools are charging close to $40,000 per year in tuition:

…this year’s tuition at Columbia Grammar and Preparatory ($38,340 for 12th grade) and Horace Mann ($37,275 for the upper school) is higher than Harvard’s ($36,305)…

The median 12th-grade tuition for the current school year was $36,970, up from $21,100 in 2001-2, according to the national association’s survey. Nationally, that figure rose to $24,240 from $14,583 a decade ago.

Sadly, it appears that even the ultra-rich are not immune to the price-gouging practices of educational institutions. And, as the article points out, individuals are unlikely to sacrifice on spending for little Muffy and Chauncy because their education is the highest priority. While my sympathies are reserved for individuals with actual problems, it’s pretty clear that education institutions, both public and private, secondary and post-secondary, are chewing the balls off of the American family budget.

I will, however, point out that the 2010 defense budget was $691 billion dollars. That’s enough to send about 1.5 million kids to Columbia Grammar for their elementary and secondary. Which is kind of sad, if you think about it. And not because we spend so much on the military, either.

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