Prince William Deploying to the Corto Maltese

That’s right, Prince William, the most noble of all balding men on the planet, is deploying to the Corto Maltese (or the Falkland Islands, if you prefer boring reality, with its dearth of Batman and Superman) to serve a six-week stint as a helicopter pilot. No, not aboard Airwolf.

Not surprisingly, the Argentinian government is not pleased with this deployment, as it comes suspiciously close to the 30th anniversary of the Argentinian invasion (or, if you prefer, “repossession attempt”) of the Falkland Islands. The British government denies any scheduling shenanigans, insisting that Willy’s just there to fly around and clog some drains.

Another mark in the “not surprising” column is the intensification of animosity between the Argentinian and British governments; animosity born of resource allocation:

Mrs. Kirchner has renewed accusations that Britain’s rule in the Falklands is a colonial holdover, and her vehemence has centered on the discovery of potentially lucrative reserves of oil there that lie within the British economic exclusion zone.

British officials say new data on the oil discoveries — initially estimated by some oil industry experts to be in the billions of barrels — have been disappointing.

But Argentina has added oil grievances to anger over the “squid wars,” a dispute over rich hauls of squid that are spawned along Argentina’s coast before moving into waters off the Falklands. Mrs. Kirchner said at a summit meeting of regional states in December that Las Malvinas, Argentina’s name for the islands, were “a global cause, because in the Malvinas they are taking our oil and fishing resources.”

Though England does maintain a small military presence on the island, it seems unlikely either government will escalate to violence. Because no one has ever gotten into an armed conflict over resources or pride before.

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