Washington State is Totally Gay for Gay Marriage

That’s right, folks, the Washington State Senate just passed a billed that would allow gay couples to get married in the state of Washington! So don your finest flannel (or assless chaps), put on some dancing shoes, and buy a garish corsage!

The bill is now in the Washington Hizzouse, and Governor Gregoire, a Democrat, and therefore a reasonable individual when it comes to civil rights, is urging its passage. The bill, which includes the completely sensible provision that private religious organizations would not be forced to perform these ceremonies, will make Washington the seventh state to legalize gay marriage (New York, Massachusetts, Iowa, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Connecticut–as well as D.C.–all allow gay marriage). The provision will also provide actual text to support rebuttals when Republicans inevitably start bleating about how soon everyone will be forced into a gay marriage at gunpoint.

Personally, while this is great news, I’m waiting for Washington to sound its stance on the next progressive cause: gay polygamy.

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