4 Sale: Nu Englund Pattruts Superbowls Charmps Tee

Not surprisingly, certain individuals with criminal sensibilities have chosen to create counterfeit NFL gear in a sad attempt to cash in on the spectacle that is the Super Bowl. But their shenanigans were shortlived, as the Feds soon rolled in:

Federal officials, working with the National Football league, have seized 42,692 items of fake Super Bowl-related merchandise, along with other counterfeit items, worth $4.8 million. This figure is up from $3.72 million last year.

As if that wasn’t enough, the investigation also rooted out thousands of other pieces of fake merchandise–the NBA, MLB, and NHL were all represented–over 60,000 pieces of merchandise total. That’s a lot of misspelled Ochocincos.

The Feds also cracked down on websites that streamed games illegally:

Agents also seized a total of 307 websites, 16 of which were illegally streaming NFL games and other sporting events online. The remainder of the websites were selling counterfeit merchandise.

One wonders if this man assisted the Feds in their massive takedown. I, for one, hope so.

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