Ron Paul’s Candidacy Gets a Shot in the Pahrump

Despite some discouraging primary returns, Ron Paul, easily the most famous pot-smoking Austrian racist in the United States, still has one bastion of support in Pahrump, Nevada, home to a bunch of crazy, gun-toting white people:

This is the heart of Ron Paul country, the one county in Nevada that the 76-year-old congressman from Texas carried in the 2008 Republican caucuses, and a place that wears its libertarianism proudly.

It is also a place where many people come to be left alone. “There are a lot of people who hide in Pahrump,” said Carl England Jr., who, as pastor of a Baptist church here and also proprietor of a local septic business, knows a lot about his neighbors.

That a Baptist minister “knows a lot about his neighbors” in a libertarian community where the residents ostensibly value their privacy is probably an irony lost on many Pahrumpians. Alas, there are many ironies lost on Ron Paul supporters, so that isn’t wholly surprising.

Yet despite strong support for Mr. Paul, Mittens is gaining ground; indeed, Paul barely managed to edge out Romney in the last vote. However, given the citizenry of Pahrump, I’d wager that Mr. Paul will always do well. One convincing example is Sam Jones, an ardent Paultard, and recently tasered individual:

On this Thursday, Mr. Jones was keeping busy with two items: One was helping with preparations for Mr. Paul’s campaign stop the next day. The other was attending a court hearing to answer charges he faced stemming from a confrontation with sheriff’s deputies in which he was subdued with a Taser.

He said he had been reaching for a small copy of the Constitution that he keeps with him; the deputies said he appeared to be going for the other thing he carries on his person: his .45-caliber pistol, according to an account of his arrest in the local paper.

Pahrump is definitely Ron Paul country (not to be confused with the adjacent “Flavor Country”), and with supporters like Jones, that’s not likely to change any time soon:

“This country is becoming a police state,” he added. “If Ron Paul doesn’t get elected, we’re history.”

Thank God there are still men of conscience willing to speak the Truth.

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