The GOP is Apparently in Charge of Greek Immigration Policy

In some seriously weird news, the Greek government has decided to build a six-mile razor-wire fence along their border with Turkey. According to Minister of Citizen Protection* (I love that this is a job title in Greece) Christos Papoutsis, the “fence will be coupled with a network of fixed night-vision cameras providing real-time video to a new command center.”

Apparently, 300 Spartans were not available.

*This has been edited to reflect updated information; the NY Times article incorrectly reported Mr. Papoutsis’s title, as he is the Minister for Citizen Protection, not the Minister of Public Order. Thank you, Heidi!

3 thoughts on “The GOP is Apparently in Charge of Greek Immigration Policy

  1. Actually, Papoutsis is not “public order minister.” It’s better than that. he’s the minister “of citizen protection.” I live only a few miles from where they are building this fence. It’s a ridiculous project, but it is the case that Greece has an incredibly porous border and is the edge of the EU. If we were to leave the EU, we’d let them in and they’d all just go right through Greece to the next EU country. The problem that we have is that EU rules state that the country of first EU entry has to deal with the illegal immigrants, which means Greece has the lion’s share of immigrants to deal with. We have less than no money to deal with them. So they’re trying to keep as many of them out as possible. It’s ridiculous though, because that fence will be on part of ONE river in a country with thousands of islands. But it makes them look like their doing something about it, I suppose.

    • I completely agree–“Minister of Citizen Protection” has a way better ring to it! Vague, yet ominous at the same time. I wasn’t aware of the EU rules on immigration; forcing the countries bordering non-EU countries to police immigration for the entire EU seems pretty unfair. It seems almost as if the immigration issues and policies in the EU and in the US are similar, and it definitely seems as if neither group has a real solution that slows illegal immigration while protecting human dignity.

      Also, both the EU and the US seem to share the paper-tiger approach to solving problems.

      • agreed. the issues in US/EU are not that different. these immigrants don’t to be in Greece. hell, economic migrants from countries like Albania and Moldova have started going back there, that’s how bad it is here. they just want to move through Greece into the more ‘desirable’ countries like Germany. if we get kicked out of the EU, they won’t be our problem anymore. the way things are going, it might even happen that way.

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