For Sale: Potential Bond Villain Lair; Must Supply Own Sharks With Lasers

Do you have several million dollars? Do you have an intense desire to become an international supervillain who terrorizes intelligence agencies with grainy videos of you stroking a cat and laughing maniacally?

Well, your dreams are about to come true, because the Jamesburg Earth Station, a giant telecommunications relic from the Kennedy era, is for sale!

In its glory days, this sprawling bunkerlike redoubt on Comsat Road played an essential role in national life. Built in 1968 by the Communications Satellite Corporation, the Jamesburg Earth Station and nearly a dozen others like it helped bring the first televised images of Neil Armstrong on the moon and President Richard M. Nixon in Beijing into America’s living rooms. They also pulled in signals from satellites in geostationary orbit that made international telephone calls fast and easily accessible for most Americans.

Sadly, fiber optics made this steel behemoth obsolete. But you can help it recapture some of its former glory; perhaps as the proprietor of a “recreate your favorite Bond film” theme park, or just as a base of operations for your megalomaniacal utopian designs on humanity. The sky’s the limit!

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