Liberals Hate the Second Amendment!

Rahm Emanuel wants your guns! He can’t help it, he’s a liberal! Oh, wait, he doesn’t want your guns? Now I’m confused.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel of Chicago proposed statewide legislation on Thursday to require handgun owners to register their weapons. The city requires handguns to be registered, but Illinois does not. A statewide registry would help the police follow the chain of possession for guns found at crime scenes that originate in other parts of Illinois, the mayor’s office said.

Naturally, this measure will be opposed by gun-toting, God-fearing, America-loving patriots, and endorsed by Godless hippie liberal scumbags who think we should just talk about all our problems instead of shooting them.

Quite frankly, I don’t see the problem. If we as a nation are cool with registering our teddy bears, why the fuck would we have a problem registering handguns?

2 thoughts on “Liberals Hate the Second Amendment!

  1. I get so angry with this discussion most times. I’m a thinking American and a former Marine (and other than that a pretty laid-back I have had the distinct pleassure while serving my Country, to see first-hand, victims of death by shooting. Most people who argue against registering hand-guns only know what they’ve seen on video games, movies and television. Pity. My suggestion is go earn and opinion before you get to have one.Great article!

    • Thanks! And thanks for your comment–I can imagine that it’s very annoying to constantly hear about the glory of guns from various weekend warriors that have never been in harm’s way. Personally, I see no reason why a gun registry would infringe upon individual rights; were I a gun owner I would happily register every gun in my home so that like my teddy bears they could be returned to me post-haste!

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