Despite Loss, Ron Paul Kenobi’s Midi-Chlorian Count Remains Strong

Romneybot eked out a minor victory against Ron Paul Kenobi on Saturday, winning by a small margin the irrelevant Maine caucus:

Although the vote had no substantive meaning in terms of delegates, losing it could have created a political headache for Mr. Romney, the former governor of nearby Massachusetts, and extended a negative storyline that had been building since last week when he lost Colorado, Minnesota and Missouri to Mr. Santorum.

Ron Paul Kenobi, ever the Jedi master, remains unflappable in the face of this small defeat:

“We’re not going away,” he told his supporters.

Despite a Romney victory, support for Ron Paul Kenobi remains strong in Maine. While New England’s republicans skew to the left of the party, Maine republicans are strongly independent; thus, Ron Paul Kenobi has found great support among the Tea Partiers there.

This is likely because old people, in their forgetfulness, tend not to remember how much of the government’s resources they soak up. They’re rather like the piece of bread floating in your French onion soup: formerly stale, crusty, and useless, they’ve found new life in the taxpayer’s broth.

I apologize if I just ruined French onion soup for you.

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