Buy One Handgun, Get One Free

Virginia’s state senate recently passed a bill that would eliminate the current regulation on handgun sales, and the governor is expected to sign; currently, Virginians are allowed one handgun purchase per month.

The law was originally introduced to prevent smuggling; reportedly, the smuggler’s lobby is very pleased with this legislation. A man wishing to identified as “Han Solo” had this to say:

“I could not be more pleased with the people of Virginia right now. It’s felt like 20 parsecs since I was able to procure crates of handguns for the rebels. As soon as the Governor signs that bill I’ll be back to the Kessel Run. I just hope that Emperor Muslimtine doesn’t try to nix this whole thing.”

Solo also mentioned something about “spice,” which I presume is a narcotic of some sort; from the way he was sniffing I doubt he was talking about cinnamon.

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