Governor Christie: @JrsyShrDvl69 Y U Mad Bro? #gobacktotheshore

It would appear that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie caused a bit of stir today with his decision to lower the flags to half-mast on the day of Whitney Houston’s funeral. Given that Whitney Houston was from New Jersey, Governor Christie simply wished to honor her artistic contributions to the world. This, however, seemed to outrage some of the sensitive and intellectual New Jersey residents:

“@GovChristie are you serious?” asked a user named @steakprincess, who gives her name as Danielle Olivieri. “Whitney is no hero, she was a crack head who killed herself. Our flag is not to be lowered for a junkie.”

Yes, @steakprincess, you make a compelling argument. Governor Christie, however, was not convinced:

“Flag being lowered for her cultural contributions as an artist & New Jerseyan. Her struggles w/substance abuse r a diff topic.”

I, for one, am glad that we live in a world where public officials can be contacted via overgrown text message, and forced to explain themselves in chatspeak. That certainly doesn’t contribute to the overall death of discourse. Lower the flags for Whitney, and spell out your fucking words. This is America, dammit.

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