Your Goat’s Boston Accent Makes Him Sound Wicked Retahded

Have you ever just listened to a goat and then said to yourself, “Boy, I sure did think that goat was smart until I heard its accent; now he just sounds like a trashy idiot.”

Well, you’re not alone, because clearly some scientists thought the same thing and then devoted a portion of their time to studying goat accents:

Researchers found the animals develop their own speaking voice when they move away from their siblings and mingle with others.

They found that a goats’ “accent’ changed as they grew older and moved in different groups, disproving claims that their voices were entirely genetic.

That’s right, if you went to that conference last year about how goat voices are entirely genetically determined, you wasted your time because goat accent is culture, bitch.

The news about goat accents also lends support to theories that claim all mammals may develop accents depending on their surroundings; soon, the linguistics of polar bears will become a popular academic extreme sport.

I’m just happy that science has proven what common sense has told us all along: your goat’s Boston accent makes him sound like an idiot. And he doesn’t look good in that Bruins jersey, either.

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