No, Seattle Will Not Be Renamed “”

Well, it would seem that a portion of downtown Seattle is about to become headquarters to Amazon, purveyors of everything in the known universe (and three other universes, pending a merger): Inc. is purchasing property in central Seattle with plans to construct about 3 million square feet of office space, a move that could have the online retail bellwether owning its corporate headquarters for the first time amid dramatic expansion.

Amazon is buying three large contiguous blocks in central Seattle—a short walk south of where it leases its current headquarters—from Clise Properties Inc.

The property company declined to specify the price Amazon paid for the space, but you can rest assured that it’s more money than you will ever see in your life, or, if reincarnation proves true, the thousand lifetimes awaiting you after this one.

Let’s just hope that if Seattle faces a similar situation to Jefferson County, Alabama, that Amazon will lease back portions of the city to current residents at favorable rates.

Maybe they’ll offer discounts to Prime members!

3 thoughts on “No, Seattle Will Not Be Renamed “”

    • You are correct; the wording was ambiguous. Amazon already leases space in downtown Seattle, and now they will own space. The space, however, does not seem to be the same space. Moreover, their terms seem to include the construction of more square feet of office space, which means they will add to the downtown area. Let’s hope that Seattle continues to collect a decent amount of property tax from Amazon, and that Amazon continues to be as good a civic partner as I’ve heard they’ve been.

  1. Well, I don’t work for them, so I cannot claim a first-hand knowledge, but I heard great reports from those who do. It is correct – the space is not the same one. They purrchased what is called the Denny triangle – a piece of property that has been under-developed for a long time. That part of Seattle is booming, and it is really nice to see it revitalized. 🙂

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