5 Things You May Not Know About DJ Skribble

It’s been a little while since I aided your trivia team’s cause, and so what better way to remedy that than to offer you some help with the answers to the “90s MTV” category!

5 Things You May Not Know About DJ Skribble

1. That he exists.

Well, he does in fact exist. His name is Scott Lalacci, and he was born on Long Island (but probably not Suffolk County, Long Island–he looks pretty Nassau).

2. He worked on Wyclef Jean’s first album, The Carnival.

DJ Skribble is credited with “scratching,” which I will assume refers to records, and not his (or anyone else’s) balls.

3. He owns a car shop in Queens.

It’s called Skribble’s Auto Spa, and it specializes in car customizations. If you’d like to make an appointment to have your car pimped, just call (718) 848-1663.

4. He doesn’t pick his battles very well.

In 2004, DJ Skribble attempted to sue two teenagers in Illinois for copyright infringement; the two teens had started a DJ business called “Skribble Entertainment,” and they played local high schools and parties. The lawsuit received some very harsh publicity, which negatively affected the launch of Skribble’s toy line. He eventually dropped the suit after giving the teenagers a shitload of free publicity.

5. He makes poor friendship choices.

DJ Skribble is friends with Chris Reeder. Who is Chris Reeder? Chris Reeder is the man responsible for this musical atrocity (Skribble himself is partly responsible). I urge caution when you listen to this: it’s possible your speakers will actually ooze fecal matter. Chris Reeder also enjoys getting into to Twitter fights with random strangers and giving people instructions on how to find him on Google.

3 thoughts on “5 Things You May Not Know About DJ Skribble

  1. But, at least DJ Skribble knows when to give up during a twitter scuffle! Unlike, “Chris Reeder cut the lights”, who does not.

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