Anchorage Morons Fight Bravely for Their Right to Discriminate Against the LGBT Community

In a stunning show of stupidity and small-mindedness, Anchorage voters decided to reject a measure that would have prohibited discrimination against members of the LGBT community:

Anchorage voters rejected a proposed ordinance to add legal protections for gay, lesbian and transgender people in a chaotic municipal election fraught with ballot shortages and high voter turnout in many precincts.

With more than 90 percent of the precincts reporting late Tuesday, 58 percent of voters had voted against Proposition 5, the equal rights ordinance that was far and away the most controversial and emotional component of this spring’s election.

It’s about damn time that a brave, Amurrican city stood united against the scourge of the LGBT community, with their musicals and flannels and gender conflict, and said: “Yes, Goddamnit–we would like to discriminate against you!” Sadly, this is the third time that an anti-discrimination proposal has met with rejection in Anchorage (the other two times were not ballot issues, however).

Apparently, the measure was such a hot button issue that polling places ran out of ballots; one hotspot had to resort to photocopying ballots on the school’s Xerox to meet voter demand. Those ballots will be counted as “questioned ballots,” so it remains unclear what the exact percentages will be; despite this, however, the idiots clearly won the day. And the driving force behind the idiots? You guessed it: Jesus.

A group of clergy supporting the ordinance, Christians for Equality, was a key part of organizing efforts, campaign spokesman Trevor Storrs said.

Opponents, campaigning as Vote No On Prop. 5, complained that the law was vague and poorly written and would impinge on the religious freedom of residents opposed to homosexuality. The proposition included an exemption from the law for churches and religious organizations.

I’ll give you a moment to savor the name “Christians for Equality.” Also, take a few minutes and peruse the “Protect Anchorage” website. Just make sure that you have something to release your rage upon after you visit.

But really, one must feel some sympathy for those poor, put-upon American Christians–truly they are the last disadvantaged group in the world! To not be able to discriminate against someone on the basis of some shit scribbled down thousands of years ago is well beyond the pale, sir!

Perhaps it’s unfair for me to paint a portrait of Anchorage based solely on the retards that rejected this proposition; after all, roughly 40% of the people said “Hey, assholes, discrimination isn’t cool–let’s smoke a jay and pet a moose or something.” And I can attest that there are a great many good people in the City of Anchorage who lament the influence of inbred Godtards on Alaskan politics.

Therefore I applaud the minority of citizens who decided that open discrimination is unacceptable and voted against stupidity.

And I issue a hearty “fuck you” to the tyranny of the majority.

9 thoughts on “Anchorage Morons Fight Bravely for Their Right to Discriminate Against the LGBT Community

  1. Reblogged this on magnuslover and commented:
    This pesrson nailed it. I’m not normally for name calling in intelligent debate or name calling in critical evaluatin of current events, but it was really funny to read. Enjoy.

  2. The driving force behind the idiots in question are the idiots in question. While these folks may be using the name of Jesus to justify their own bigotry, Jesus himself was always – ALWAYS – protective of those who were marginalized. My feeling is that people like these would protest against Jesus if they knew that.

    Generally, people discriminate against those who are in any way different from the majority – regardless what that difference may be. As someone told me once, if mentally ill were the majority, it would be those who were normal who would be institutionalized. One notable difference is discrimination against women, but that stems from so many men – those who really don’t have any other quality to boast about – being afraid that that lack of other qualities might show if women are considered equal. When it comes to the LGBT community, people who are normal, educated and understand that nobody holds the corner on truth, and that we are all in the same mess called life – such people have no problem accepting our LGBT friends and neighbors as they are, without prejudice. Funnily enough, typically the loudest hate mongers have some homosexual tendencies themselves, as we repeatedly keep finding out, to my constant amusement.

    • As much as I’d like to exonerate Christianity’s reputation, I’m afraid that while people are idiots, and may be that way regardless, religious influence is a direct causal factor in that idiocy. Individuals steeped in the witch’s brew of Christian epistemology have almost no hope of extracting themselves from it; even if they did, while it might not dictate their viewpoint, it would still affect it greatly. On that point, I recommend the book Rumspringa, which demonstrates that while many Amish youth may leave the Amish tradition, they don’t stray far and in fact remain quite fundamentalist in their beliefs. Religious indoctrination is at the heart of that; for them, and for others.

      You are correct that people have a tendency to discriminate against the “Others,” and this is no doubt because of our primate biology and early social structures. Sadly, religion, as it evolved through history, exploited and exacerbated this tribalistic tendency. However, I will agree that if somehow humans had never invented religion, or any of the gods, they’d still have biological tendencies toward discrimination. Thus I agree that humans are terrible regardless of religion.

      Doubtless, though we may disagree on religious matters, we can both agree that this is a shitty situation for the LGBT community in Anchorage.

      • It seems that you equate one form of Christianity for all of it. By and large, most Christians are not fundamentalists – and fundamentalism is present in every world view, from atheism to Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, politics, social sciences or even biological sciences. The core of fundamentalism is not religion – it is in inability to accept any view that differs from one’s own, and to call everybody else wrong in things in which we have no sufficient evidence to judge either way. This rigidity is the main obstacle to progress, and it is present everywhere. When a person becomes a measure for goodness and truth in him/herself, chances for any kind of growth are pretty much gone. The fact that humanity has moved out of caves, regardless how long it took to achieve that, suggests that majority of the population is not that rigid in their views, and that – eventually – facts do manage to win the day. After all, most of us no longer burn “witches” on a stake – at least not literally. At the same time, it is true that humans do not like change – status quo appears much safer, and living “with the devil you know” seems easier than living with the one you don’t know. This constant tag between progress and status quo is evident in all aspects of the society, in which the masses typically just wait to see which way the tag war goes before they join in and pull on the side of the winner. In my experience, most people don’t care enough to be radical – they wait to be lead by whoever has the best show on the road. Thus, both the proponents and opponents of any advance are the only ones we usually see and hear, while the vast majority is silent on the sidelines unless someone scores big, and then everybody starts clapping, as if they were the ones who won. Shakespeare was right – the world is a theater.

  3. Why can’t people see that voting for discrimination puts them squarely in the same role as people who are racists. Equality is the inevitable endpoint of our culture. You can’t name a street after Dr. King and then vote against the gay community. Which side of the divide do you want your ancestors to remember you on? Your place in history is where you decide to stand right now…(dang, that’s a good one, I ought to copyright that)…
    Just picture yourself talking to your parents, or grandparents, and hear them proudly proclaiming, “Yes, we did everything we could do to not let the Negroes vote, but just look at ’em now, dagnabbit.” Would you be proud or appalled?
    And women, remember you didn’t get to vote not all that long ago, and men fought to keep that true.
    You are standing in the way of decency, and if we have to trample you, we will. Archie Bunker makes a funny TV show. He doesn’t make a good human being.

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