Good Lord, I’m Bored

Seriously, there is nothing to read on the Interwebz. Once you’ve exhausted your porn and stock quotes, what the hell is there? Femblogs? God no. Gossip blogs? Shoot me. The fucking New York Times? Maybe before they went paywall. Remind me to kick them in the virtual testes for that. I’d like to think that once upon a time I provided something else to read, but perhaps I’m just being optimistic.* In fact, I’m pretty sure I’m being optimistic. So I think I should consider adding some new shit. Because here’s the thing–I am pretty sure I’m smarter and wittier and definitely more clever than any bullshit clickbait blog you’re going to find begging for your hard-earned wrist motion. So I’ll try to bring some of my insightful, superior-intelligence driven (KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHNNNNN!) observations back to this domain that I pay for. Look for it, friends.


*I’m definitely being optimistic on that one–I just linked to their shit because I figured the five of you still reading hadn’t read it yet.

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