Annoying Guy at Super Bowl Halftime Doing Annoying Things is Sure to Become an Annoying Internet Sensation

Ah, the Internet; she giveth awesome cat videos and she taketh time. But why stop at cat videos? Now the Internet (and Madonna, that crusty hag) has given us Sketchy Andy, the annoying douche doing annoying things you saw during the halftime show at the Super Bowl.

Those annoying things are called “slacklining,” and not surprisingly, come to us from enclave of douchey annoyingness Boulder, Colorado. So get ready for the insane amount of attention this is about to receive, people; I suggest that you gird yourself with spiritous liquors, and perhaps a video from 90s pop sensation Londonbeat. Why Londonbeat, you ask? Did you even watch the video? Or were you too busy looking up that fucking douche Sketchy Andy on YouTube to bother?

Whatever, Londonbeat doesn’t need your approval to be awesome.

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