MIT Researchers Invent Something Cool, As Usual

Not surprisingly, researchers at MIT have invented something pretty damn cool: a process for creating solar panel cells from agricultural waste. That’s right, they can make power from garbage. Kind of like Back to the Future II, when Doc Brown modified the Flux Capacitor to run on trash! Soon, you’ll be able to slap together a solar panel no matter where you are:

Andreas Mershin, an MIT researcher working on the project, envisions that within a few years, people in remote villages in the developing world may be able to make their own solar panels using otherwise worthless agricultural waste as their raw material.

Mershin said he hopes the system will become a “way of getting low-tech electricity to people who have never been thought of as consumers or producers of solar-power technology.”

The work is an extension of another project, which used a complex of molecules involved in plant photosynthesis to create an electrical current when exposed to light.

I can’t tell if the Swamp Thing would be happy about this development or not.

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