A Handsome Robot Doctor, You Say?

Imagine a future where your doctor is even less sympathetic than he or she is now, or perhaps a future where your doctor is stored in the closet along with your butler or your mistress.

Yes, I’m referring to a future with robot doctors!

Colin Angle, CEO of iRobot (the makers of DJ Roomba), says that robot doctors are the wave of the future, and recently announced his company’s commitment to populating the Earth with a sophisticated labor force that will ultimately rebel and destroy us all:*

The company announced Tuesday it has made a $7 million investment in privately-held San Diego telemedicine company InTouch, which will create the first generation of iRobots health care robotos, which will leverage existing technology from InTouch, and build upon the Ava robot platform iRobot is developing, which includes a mounted iPad or Android tablet. InTouch’s current version has limited scalability, Angle said, do to the technical training needed to operate the robot.

While I’m skeptical that using an iPad to perform surgery on a beloved pet is a good idea, the inevitable application of this technology to robot warriors and drones makes for an exciting imaginative romp. In fact, Angle said he “foresees a day when the robots can not only transmit information to remote doctors, but can gather and analyze information such as blood pressure, body temperature, etc.”

Yes, robots with detailed files on human anatomy would never try to hurt us.

*He may not have actually said that.

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