New York Giants Win Hominid Potato-Throwing Contest!

That’s right, the New York Giants, a team of burly hominids, defeated the less burly team of hominids, the New England Patriots, in a four-hour potato-throwing contest.

There is no word yet from the King of Potatoes on whether the featured potato in tonight’s struggle will be awarded the honor of becoming a delicious mash.

Ron Paul Loves an Underdog (But Not that Stupid Cartoon–That Was For Commies)

There are many pressing issues facing Americans: health care policy, how to deal with Iran obtaining nuclear weapons, whether Lindsey Lohan is really a terrible person, etc. Also, the Super Bowl, which I’m told is a contest between male hominids to see who can fling a potato the most times within six hours (with commercial breaks).

Fortunately, as with any of the above topics, including the Super Bowl, Ron Paul Kenobi has weighed in:

Given the relative lack of Austrian economic discussion present in Super Bowl commentary, I’m surprised that Ron Paul Kenobi lent us his insight. In any event, it’s one of the few times where he actually doesn’t sound crazy. So treasure this moment, people. It won’t happen again.

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