5 Things You May Not Know About The Escape Club

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time again for another installment of a feature that will hopefully enable you to cheat at trivia sometime (as long as it’s indexed properly). Today I’d like to tell you five things you didn’t know about the Escape Club.

5 Things You May Not Know About The Escape Club

1. The Escape Club formed from the remnants of the Mad Shadows and the Espressos.

Yes, upon their collapse, your two favorite bands from the 80s London club scene provided the members of the Escape Club. If you think about it, the name of the band becomes hilarious once you realize the band’s genesis. What became of the other, unsuccessful members of each group is not known; I suspect vampirism.

2. The video for “Wild, Wild West” was banned in the U.K. for its sexism.

I find this to be pretty confusing. But I encourage you to judge for yourself. Ha! Did you learn nothing from the last installment?

3. They are the only British band to reach number one in the U.S. while not charting in the U.K. at all.

This is because their ballad “I’ll Be There” clearly failed to melt the still-frosty Victorian hearts of the British listening public, and because Americans love schmaltzy ballads dedicated to lost loved ones.

4. They disbanded in 1992.

If you’re bummed by that, just wait for it…

5. The sort of re-banded in 2009, and they’re releasing an album in 2012.

Trevor Steel and John Holliday, lead singer and guitarist respectively, reformed in 2009 and began playing live shows. It’s rumored their album will be released in February 2012 (this month!).

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