Holding Out for A Hero

Who doesn’t love a meatball sub? Or “grinder,” if you’re in a particular region.

Having just read this review in the NY Times, I am now convinced that I should have a meatball grinder for lunch (though I am in Boston and not in New York City). Now, in the interest of page views and polling and all that other nonsense that drives traffic and lands book deals, I put it out there to you, the public that’s likely not reading this, what is your favorite place for a meatball sub? I have the following suggestions for the Boston area:

Boston: Al’s at State or South
Cambridge: Al’s, or The Half Shell on Mass Ave.
Watertown: Athens Pizza & Grille

Am I missing anything? And if you happen to stumble by (but you don’t live in Boston), please feel free to make suggestions in the comments! I travel occasionally, and I eat meatball subs wherever I can find them (except for “streetball subs”–I’m not a hobo).

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