Drinking Game of Thrones

This post would be a lot better if it was actually about George R.R. Martin’s astounding A Song of Ice and Fire, but alas, it’s not, so deal with it. There’s a solid drinking game based on the series here, or perhaps here, and several worthy suggestions here.

Now that we’ve got that business sorted, on to the purpose of the post: yesterday was Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee, which is where the reigning British monarch is fed diamonds until she exhales a crystalline gas, which is collected, bottled, and sold to cure impotence. Also, it makes a delicious gourmet Sweet Tart.

And since The Daily Beast was kind enough to offer us a little slide show, I thought it would only be right (especially since I don’t have HBO and need some sort of monarchy/throne-based drinking game) to throw back a few sips in honor of a British old lady I’ve never met. Thus, I present:

The Daily Beast Slide Show of Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee Drinking Game

Take 1 drink if you see Queen Elizabeth; take 2 if she’s young; 3 if she’s jubilant
Take 2 drinks if you see Prince Phillip
Take 2 drinks if she’s wearing a hat
Take 2 drinks if she’s near a motor vehicle
Finish your beer if she’s with the late Candle in the Wind
Take 1 drink if the photo is in black and white
Take 1 drink for the obligatory advertisement
Take 2 drinks if she appears to be posing for a catalog
Take 1 drink for a pet or for children
Take 1 drink if she appears to be constipated
Take 2 drinks if she’s riding around in a ridiculous gold carriage

Repeat the slide show as many times as is necessary for you to become inebriated, or for you to appreciate the monarchy.

Thermopylae Would Have Been Different if these Women Were There

While perusing the Atlantic, I came across an article entitled “Why Thousands of Iranian Women Are Training to be Ninjas.” How could I not click on that? And it only got better from there, as I was treated to this video, which is pretty fucking awesome:

What more is there to say? You can’t really improve on awesome Iranian women reenacting scenes from The Matrix, so why bother trying?

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