Pinterest Will Save Your Business!

You may recall some slightly alarming news from last week regarding Pinterest’s potential to get you sued for using content that you don’t have permission to give away. Well, fret no longer because Pinterest has decided to help out!

Pinterest already encourages users to cite original sources; now, they’re going one step further and providing code for websites that don’t want their content to be “pinned.” When the owner of content adds this code, you’ll get a message telling you to piss off (it’s possible I paraphrased that a bit).

While copyright issues have so far remained at a minimum, the potential for problems existed; now, with some simple code, content owners can prevent you from sharing their images of pies, dresses, tattoos, or whatever the hell else people put on Pinterest.

But let’s just hope that proprietors of websites with funny pictures of cats don’t use this code. Because that might destroy the entire Internet as we know it

“What do you mean I can’t share this photo of kittens!!!” Cue explosion.

Pinterest Will Destroy Your Business

Well, that’s a bit hyperbolic. In fact, there are ways in which Pinterest might help your business grow. But there are also ways that Pinterest might get your ass sued by someone who’s slightly pissed that you gave away the rights to their content without permission:

Unlike other social media services, when you ‘pin’ something on Pinterest, you automatically upload an (at least) medium-sized version of the related image to the service. Exceptions for publishers of user-generated content protect Pinterest, but they don’t protect you. Unless you know you have a “worldwide, irrevocable, perpetual, non-exclusive, transferable, royalty-free license,” you’d better tread carefully.

You see, Pinterest’s fine print contains the possibility that you’ll be massively screwed if you use content that you don’t have permission to give away; this is understandable, since it would seem that Pinterest can do whatever the hell they want with the image you pin to their sight.

So be careful, all you users of Pinterest. Also, stop pinning pictures of doughnuts and cakes and assorted savory items–some of us are watching our girlish figures!

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