California College Fires Immigrant Employees

Recently, Pomona College in Claremont, California, fired roughly 17 employees when they could not produce documents that proved they were allowed to work in the country legally. Most of the workers had been employees at the college for at least a few years.

It gets interesting when you consider that several of the employees were considering forming a union; naturally, the college denies that was the reason they were fired.

According to the college, a complaint about their hiring practices prompted the investigation, not union rabble-rousing. After they received the complaint, the administration began a lengthy investigation, culminating in problematic files for several employees. They asked the employees to rectify the situation, and they could not; thus, the college fired them.

The reaction from students and professors was predictably bleeding heart (damn socialist higher education!), with furious email exchanges and some students threatening to warn prospects away from the school.

Can’t a school just fire a bunch of hardworking individuals for no ostensible reason other than a bunch of shitty paperwork that was the school’s responsibility anyway? What has this country come to?!

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